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About Me: Hi I'm M Taha Khalid am a Freelance Self Taught Graphic Designer from Karachi, Pakistan. I specializes in Mixtape cover, Magazines, Web Design, Facebook &Twitter Banners,T- Shirt design, and much more. I have worked on both platforms  with both major artist such as OG Rome, The Prodigal Son, Oneshot Aboveall, Rodney Johnson (Travieso Beats), and much more and up-coming independent artist such as Dave Dukes, Jroxc Tha Kidd, Robert Beaker and still counting. As a person i’m honest, which definitely  shows  up as being a professional designer i put all my efforts on each and every single design. i work to make their money worth of it.  I'm the founder of International Music Magazine which is a publishing company that not only provides great opportunists to artist but also give them a chance to interact with there fans and how they have developed through with time,  we try to promote good music and the efforts behind it. Music and artist have no boundaries so we try to includes artist from all over the world. now that i have spend my efforts since 3 years have gained quite experience in graphic business  so i thought i should start my magazine company international music magazine is the company which promotes which is the food for soul small efforts towards bringing different forms of music on one platform a platform where not only music can be shared and promoted but also countless opportunities knocking our doors. its a publishing company so magazines will b publish all across Pakistan, Pakistan which is the biggest market of music in Asia.

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